Sunday, October 14, 2007

Venturing into prints

Matter of Perspective

I've just had this picture turned into a digital print and i'm wondering if it's something that people would buy? I know lots of people on Etsy do really well with reproductions of their art, but i'm thinking that as mine doesn't feature cute girls or forest creatures maybe it's a bit daft of me to spend money getting prints made up. Is it a risk I should be taking? I've had good feedback from people that have seen my large scale drawings and painting in 'real life' but i've never tried them out as digital prints, or even thought of listing them before. I'd really appreciate any feedback anyone out there has!

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Brandi said...

I say go for it! Just because your work doesn't match what you've seen on Esty doesn't mean that there isn't a niche for you, nor does it mean that you won't find a customer base! I think as long as it's a quality reprint, and your satisfied with it, list it!

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