Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Snap Studios

snap studios

Snap studios opening
Snap studios opening

Last Friday I went to the opening of Snap Studios, in Bristol. Before the torrential rain started to come down I hung out in the courtyard at the back of the building, trying to get a photo of the balloons and the strange old wooden shed at the same time. I drank cups of 'red' juice, ate cakes that were decorated with green icing and failed to get to see much of the art due to the number of people that were there. I'll be popping back soon for a more leisurely visit.

I was invited along by Lucie Sheridan, i've known her for a couple of years, since she started bringing her screenprinted cards into the shop to sell and it was great to get to see the studios come to fruition:

One of the other studio members is Freya Cumming, who you may remember from my photos from the UWE graduate show earlier in the year:

Another UWE graduate is Rob Hunter, who is also part of Snap Studios:

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littlemithi said...

Mmmmm... lots of UWE illustration grads - I have some hard acts to follow