Tuesday, October 02, 2007


my new (old) curtain

Today i've been very domesticated. I've been making curtains, or rather, i've been adjusting curtains that I picked up 7 years ago and never found a window for. My Dad came to visit and helped me out by fixing the curtain rail so it will no longer fall off the wall every time I pull the curtains. Not only did he fix that it seems like he's fixed my boiler as well, so my house is hopefully not going to be so totally freezing cold all winter after all. It's great having a clever crafty dad you know, I know I am able to hang curtains myself, it's just that Dad is such a perfectionist that everything he does lasts much longer/looks much better than my d-i-y attempts. He can even make curtains too.

Whilst Dad was drilling holes in the wall upstairs I was tackling the hated job of hoovering the downstairs and managed to discover a pile of screen printed postcards I made last year and then lost. I really do need to buy a copy of Why am I so Disorganised? It's a book i've taken out the library and i'm finding it really interesting- it tackles clutter and organisation in a different way to most 'de-junk' type books, there's a real emphasis on the emotional reasons for people being untidy and cluttered, which i'm finding interesting to work through.


BaldyLocks said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm working on a website which will give people real solutions to help people directly with cancer. It's easier than you think!

By the way, I love those baby doll faces!

littlemithi said...

Lol ...

I had the common-law in-laws sewing me curtains last week... Clever crafty parents are ACE!