Sunday, August 12, 2007

Last week and next week

On Saturday I went and helped out at a fundraiser for Ladyfest Bristol. I was due to be the second seamstress for the event, but when I unpacked my sewing machine I realised i'd left the foot pedal at home- thus rendering it pretty useless. Instead I helped people make badges for themselves and their friends, did a bit of t-shirt refashioning and ate some of the amazing cakes that other Ladyfesters had brought along for the event. I've really not been that involved in Ladyfest Bristol this time round, so it was nice to meet up with some of the people that are running it this year, and great to see what good hands the festival is in.

Next week I shall be running my re-scheduled workshop for Nanocamp. On wed 15th august there will be badge making at here shop and gallery with local artist Alys Paterson, and clothes making with me. There's still plenty of spaces, so if you are the owner of a child aged 8-12 years old then bring them along to join us!


Emily said...


just found enough time to check you list of websites only to find a lovely pic of my backside! woo yeah, that's what i like to see on the internet (?)

was great to meet you - will send email tomo - cheers em

Camilla said...

You've given the game away! No-one needed to ever know it was you and now everyone does!