Sunday, July 08, 2007

A rare sunny day

I had planned to spend today making badges for Tom Bugs, but i'm afraid those got put to one side when I woke up and saw that it was actually sunny for once. This summer has been pretty wet and windy, so to wake up to sunshine is a nice change. Lucy and me headed for the beach, stopping en route to take a look at the new building that will house the University campus, and our new studio, come September.

It looks pretty brutal in these photos, and not a patch on our old college buildings, which were tumbling down Victorian houses with a seaview:

But to be honest I think it will be great to be in the new building, which has been purpose built for art and will be full of sparkly new equipment (at least I hope it will be). No more freezing during winter and boiling during summer, no more lumps of plaster falling off the walls!

After our little diversion we headed to the beach, stopped to buy ice cream and then couldn't resist a paddle. The beach at Weston-super-Mare is not exactly known for it's bathing properties, and as the tide goes out such a long way it's actually a bit hit and miss as to if there will actually be any sea to paddle in when you visit. Today we were in luck and we both had a paddle before we headed to a car boot sale where I somehow managed to catch the sun and finally headed home with pink shoulders and sandy toes.

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