Monday, April 16, 2007

London calling

I'm heading off to London for a couple of days- no idea really what i'm going to do while i'm there, other than meet up with Ally to take a look at the National Portrait Gallery, wander aimlessly while waiting to meet my other birthday twin* Ellie Pea, hopefully meet up with Vikki to talk about our forthcoming top secret project, and maybe just maybe get to look at some inspirational art. At least two of the shows I wanted to see aren't going to be open- but if you hurry you might get a chance to see The Craft at Transition Gallery or Clare Rojas at Modern Art.

* Miss_Jen was of course a birthday twin too


gilfling said...

Oh have a wonderful time in London!!! I never have time to do all that I want when I am there. But an inspiration it certainly is.

And thank you so much for your comments on my blog!! I am so happy you understand and can empathise. The way in which what should have been an awful thing has actually been the cause of the turnaround in my life. I am glad it has been the case for you too. Onwards and upwards!!

Feltbug said...

Hello - thanks for the info about those London shows - I love the work of Clare Rojas and I didn't know it was on ! I have enjoyed having a browse around your blog - I found you via art esprit - have fun in the big smoke :)