Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The cutest collector

My friend, the very lovely and talented musician and artist,
Frànçois has just sent me these answers to my questions about collecting:

1) who are you?
2) do you collect anything?
kind of

3) what do you collect?

4) Does you collection have a value?
no it's free

5) If so is it an emotional, financial or aesthetic value?
it is very emotional

6) could you send me a picture of your collection/s?
not really but I can show you one sometimes
Francois makes amazing animations, beautiful music and wears women's knitwear with panache. His website is Kid Francois and here he is on Myspace: Francois in Bristol

1 comment:

cally said...

He looks/sounds nice, I'd add to his collection ;)