Monday, April 09, 2007

Are you a collector?

Butterflies and beetles
Originally uploaded by crunchcandy.

I'm making a piece of work at the moment that is in part to do with collections, or the idea of collecting. Knowing that lots of the people I know are collectors of one thing or another, or in some cases collectors of collections, I thought i'd ask you a few questions to see if you can help me out.

If you could answer these questions that would be great.

1) who are you?
2) do you collect anything?
3) what do you collect?
4) Does you collection have a value?
5) If so is it an emotional, financial or aesthetic value?
6) could you send me a picture of your collection/s?

If you want to write anything else about why you collect things that would be cool, but really i'm not looking for essays, just descriptions, images and what value you place on your collection.


(this was sent out as an email, but my email is playing up so some people may have got it more than once, and others not at all)

This photo was taken in the museum at Oxford- it's part of a display featuring hundreds of beetles, butterflies, moths and other bugs. I loved it and was pleased to find a postcard of it in the shop, so obviously other people love it too!


susan said...

collecting shells since i was little, but only keeping one or two from each trip to the beach. will send you a photo of the shell shrine.
it is of emotional value because it brings me back to a quiet time each time i view it.

Camilla said...

OOh that sounds wonderful- one of my favourite places is 'The Little Chapel' in Guernsey, which is comepletely covered in shells and china.

lisa s said...

what a great project camilla.... i'm so glad you posted it to our "collection" post... hopefully you'll get some more submissions!

Dawbis said...

is it too late to participate?

Camilla said...

Never too late- this will be something that I work on for at least another month, probably for a lot longer than that in reality.