Sunday, March 11, 2007

Patricia Waller

Accident 2: Tiger: Yarn, cotton wool; crochet; length 36 in.; 2002

Thanks to a recent post on Bloody Bunny's (should that be Bloody Bunnies?) blog I was delighted to see that this exhibition will be on while i'm in Berlin next week. It's perfect timing! We looked at including Patricia Waller in a show at here gallery in the past, and I can't really remember why it didn't happen. I love the way Patricia combines crochet with bloodshed, it all somehow still manages to look incredibly cute, despite the drops of blood and severed limbs.

Unicorn: Yarn , cotton wool, wire; crochet; 45 x 12 x 38 in.; 2005

The exhibition, called Crossing Wonderland, is on at Galerie Deschler, until April 29th and the gallery can be found here. I'm now really starting to wish I had a guidebook/map of Berlin, and also a phrasebook, because my German is very limited indeed (who will ever need to use the phrase 'Black Forest Gateaux round the corner'?)

images taken from Patricia's website:

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Felicia said...

Twisted, but I've got to admit very unique.