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Next week I am going back to Berlin!

I'm going along with a group of students from the college, and meeting up with my friend Kate when I get there. For complicated reasons me Kate and I will be staying in totally different places, and that's filling me with fear at the moment. I know we are both sensible women in our 30s, but I'm terrified we are going to spend a week narrowly missing each other as we try and arrange to meet up!

This photo is also the inspiration for a screen printed skirt I have just finished making ( photos as soon as I can borrow a camera).

So, if you have any suggestions or recommendations for places to go, people to see, in Berlin then let me know in the comments.

Here are the recommendations i've gathered so far:

From Nicole:
For veggie food there's Yellow Sunshine
For shopping there's Supalife
For Stitch n Bitch Linkle

From Jodie:

There’s also an old cinema set in a tiled courtyard, which becomes about 10 courtyards all linked together, and a cool little gallery in there too!(sorry, I cant remember the name, but its old and a landmark type place that'll be in a timeout guide!)

From Gunilla:
a drawing exhibition where everyone may sent his drawing. It is worth a visit!

From Bugs:
For music-y stuff do check the Goldmund people -He's been well into the Bristol music so has visited a few times and had a load of Bristols over at his festival last year..

From Francois:
There's a place a bit like the Here shop called SupaLife on Raumur Strasse.

I really liked 8MM, in Prenzlauer Berg,
177B Schönhauser Allee, Prenzlauer Berg.
Tel. 030 4050 0624
The DJ there is amazing...the only person I've met in Europe who likes the Shaggs!

From Lucy:
I spent a lot of time around senfelder platz, schwedter strasse, kastanien allee, helmholtz platz - that area. lots of nice bars, cafes and a couple of great record shops.

From Kate herself:
for food

And from April (who spent the last few years living in Berlin):
Feed vegans/vegetarians-Around Weinmeister Strasse U-bahn.. Kuchi (sushi), Kashba ( Morrocan) on GippStrasse- Loads of Falafel and Pizza for cheap around Hackescher Markt,
great ice cream and cake on Kastienallee (prenzl'berg) and bar upon bar upon bar.
Zionkirchstrasse for a lovely mediterannian place where you pay
1euro for your glass, and then drink and order what you would like, and pay what you think it is worth at the end. Local secret and great atmosphere.
FANTASTIC place for Breakfast on Oranienburger Strasse. Look for an over grown balcony, dark bar you go down steps into. Humourous menu full of fruit, pastries, cheeses, musili, bowls of coffee, sausages, stews and soups, single cigarettes and you can sit for hours with your overflowing plates.

interesting shopping/galleries- Sparvasser on Tor Strasse, Auguststrasse for restaurant, bar gallery one after the other (home of the Bienalle) and for
KunstWerk, (berlin's ICA), Isabella Bortolozzi near Schilling Strasse,
Karl-MarxAllee, big museums are free on Thursday afternoons,
(Kulturforum and museum island for those), Reichtstag, and TV tower for great views. Big food hall and Dept store west in KaDeWe, nice designer shops in Hackescher markt and up into Prenzlauerberg. Flea markets are FAB and mainly on Sunday.

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