Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Studio Friday: Inspiring Dream Studio

This week's topic for Friday January 19th suggested by mereteveian: INSPIRING DREAM STUDIO!

"We get to see these wonderful studios, - how about not showing our own, but choose among the great studios we know about now? Tell us a little about why you like this studio, what you would like to do if you could work there for a day as it was your own, and, - if it is so, - you have learned from this studio/ artist?"

~ mereteveian

I treated myself to a copy of the Crafter's Companion (which is edited by Anna Torborg) not long ago and was instantly in love with the work spaces that were featured in it. My favourite image was this one:

Hillary Lang's button collection, which inspired me to dig out a bunch of old jam jars and sort my buttons out by colour.

I've also been a fan for a long time of the way Heidi Kenney manages to make her space look so inviting:

I know Heidi has moved since this photo was taken, and I take great pleasure from viewing her photos on flickr. I wish I had the discipline to keep my place as tidy as some of these crafty superstars do.

See more inspiring dream studios here


Hanna said...

both pictures and links are lovely!h

janet said...

I bought that book, too. And loved how we got to see pictures of the artists workspaces along with their projects! Mine is never so neat either :)

gilfling said...

Oh I practically live for organisng my buttons - my boyfriend thinks I have OCD. Pity the rest of my studio isn't so tidy though. I love the photo of Heidi's room - so much colour!

Camilla said...

I used to have all my buttons in a big tin- all muddled together, I can't believe that it took me until I read this book to work out I could organise them by colour...doh!

AB said...

Hello Camilla- Its Anna here from Custom Made ha ha! I love the button thing, my Grampy Butler used to do the very same thing in his shed for his vast nail/screw collection! Anyway I hope you are well and your computer is mended?