Monday, January 15, 2007

Obsessive Consumption: Restrictions may apply

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The latest show i've been involved with making happen is this one, featuring work by Kate Bingaman, of Obsessive Consumption fame.

The show was due to open last weekend, but thanks to some of Kate's work being held up in the mail, i've put back the opening until tomorrow. Hopefully i'll have time to get all the work hung and the gallery looking swish in time for the viewing public! Curating shows where the work has to come from overseas is always a little bit of a battle against the postal services, but so far (fingers crossed) we've never lost anything in the mail, and all the work has found it's way home again afterwards.

For this show Kate has sent over a selection of her credit card statement drawings , some daily purchase drawings and a box full of zines! .

Kate and I started discussing this show a while back on Flickr , when I told her I would love to show her work if only I hadn't decided to give up curating shows for a while she managed to twist my arm into doing 'one last show'. I thought that January would be the perfect month for this show- with everyone over spending over the holidays, what better way to bring people back down to earth than an exhibition of someone elses obsessive consumption.

Now keep your fingers crossed we get it all hung in time!
(show will run until Jan 31st at here gallery , Bristol, UK

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kate said...

argh! this is just making me SICK! I hope everything shows up soon! Here is a snaek peek at the paper flags too!