Saturday, November 04, 2006

Studio Friday- I am interconnected

Blurry Spinsters
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This photo was taken on Thursday, by the rather shaky hand of a security guard at the Hayward Gallery in London. Even though the photo's shaky it's the only one that has all five of us in it, so I wanted to use it for this post.

These five reprobates are Ally, Joanna, Becky, Kate and myself (right in the middle of everyone). We call ourselves the spinsters. Well really these are the spinsters mark 2, as the original spinsterhood consisted of me, Miss Jen and Teacake, but that's another story. Anyway these four faux spinsters and the one real one (ie me) have taken it upon themselves to meet in London every few months to go look at an art show, drink cups of tea and gossip.

I can't believe how great it is to meet with a group of women and take the time to talk about life, art, knitting, health, relationships and rundown seaside towns. This meeting was special for me because it was the first time I had seen a lot of these people since Miss Jen died, so it felt really important to get together and just 'be' together. After the trip we all wrote posts in our various journals about how great it had been to be together, I found myself feeling very emotional when reading other people's accounts of the day- reading how much it means to all of us to spend this time together.

We are so fragmented- Joanna and I live on different coasts and others live in London. Most of us met via the internet, only Kate and I have known each other longer that 2 years, and yet this half yearly meeting of the five of us is one of the most important events in my calendar.


La said...

That's sweet, even though it's blurred it adds character to it, I feel almost like i'm look at a far away thought. ~Laura

Molly Simmons said...

You have made me very curious about how "Teacake" got her name. I wish I could cross the pond and hang out with you all too. I guess the Internet will have to cross for me!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your gatherings!

Sydney said...

It sounds like a fun and productive get together.

lee said...

I know what you mean, I have 3 friends who mean the world to me, and when we get together we have so much fun, I dont know what I would do without them, they encourage me.