Saturday, November 04, 2006


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The new show at here gallery opens today, and i'm right in the middle of getting things ready for it. Yesterday the last pieces of work arrived (we were keeping our fingers crossed they would reach us in time) and I started to hang the show. At about 9pm last night I realised that I didn't have enough nails and would have to come back and finish it today. So this morning I am taking a trip to the shops to stock up on nails, white paint and tiny pegs (to hang Missy's work with). Then it's on the bus to Bristol to get everything up and organised in time for the opening party. This year we are 3 years old and we are celebrating our birthday tonight as well as the opening of this show- there's going to be cake, party games and drinking. Hopefully in amongst all that I can sell lots of art for Missy and Sarah . I have a feeling that i'll be taking home one or two cute creations myself- every box I unwrapped yesterday had me 'oooh' ing and 'ahhh' ing. This show is going to be so sweet my teeth with fall out.

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