Wednesday, October 18, 2006

kissy kissy

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I've been doing lots of drawings and paintings based on old photos that i've either found at car boot sales, in junk shops, or have had donated to me. Today I tried colour for the first time- I hate using colour, I seem so clueless at it, but today was 'colour' and I had to bite the bullet and try using it.*

This painting started off about twice the size it is now, I got mad at it and cropped the edges, then the top, then I got REALLY mad with it and just painted all over it. After painting all over it I started to feel a bit remorseful so I sponged off some of the paint, and wouldn't you know I ended up with a painting I liked a lot more than before I ruined it.

I never like to show people my paintings, but i'm trying to take myself a bit more seriously and push my comfort boundaries too. So here you go- a gouache, marker pen and acrylic paint on paper picture by me.

* I'm studying art part time at the moment as part of my 'how long can I drag my education out for' scheme.

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