Thursday, October 12, 2006

A green jug for thrift Thursday

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Today as I was walking home from the bakers, feeling particularly sad (tomorrow is the funeral for Miss Jen ) I remembered it was Thursday, which meant I had a perfect excuse to pop into the charity shop and see if there was anything nice. I spotted this sweet little jug on the shelf and knew that I had to take it home with me. It will go perfectly in the room I had rushed to get decorated in time for a visit from Jen that didn't happen. I shall put flowers in it, or maybe paint brushes. I shall look at it and it will make me happier.

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ismoyo said...

Our loving spirits are fond of fresh flowers. Jen will smile when she sees the beautiful jug.

btw i will think about participating in the show in some kind of way. I have the next two weeks assigned and dedicated to being creative, so i'll get back to you on this, ok?