Monday, September 18, 2006

Starting from scratch

our allotment after the strimming
Originally uploaded by crunchcandy.

I recently became the proud co-owner of this allotment patch. As you can see from the photo there's still a long long way to go before it's anywhere near ready for me to harvest food from. I had dreams of taking over a plot that had been worked by a little old man who kept it in tip-top condition, but sadly that wasn't to be. Our plot was covered in weeds and brambles when we first saw it, and this is how it looks now- the brambles have been cut back, but need to be dug out, and the mystery bush in the middle of the plot has been given a trim. I'm hoping that tomorrow i'll be able to get some digging done- i'm documenting the development of this plot over on Flickr in the allotment support group I set up. Feel free to join the group if you are starting from scratch too!

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