Sunday, September 10, 2006

button swap, free shipping and sadness

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This is a scan of the buttons and braid I recieved as part of the Vintage Button Swap that Sally organised. My partner was Ismoyo and she included some extra goodies in with the buttons because she was delayed in getting this in the mail to me. My favourites are the orange and white buttons and the ones that look like eyes. Now to find something to do with them all!

Tomorrow, September 11th, is my birthday, and because it's my birthday i'm offering free shipping on anything bought from my etsy shop up til midnight (UK time). I figure it's worth doing something nice considering the actual day I was born on was the day of the Chilean coup an event which lead to the deaths of thousands of people, and we all know what happened on my birthday five years ago.

Tomorrow I am going to say goodbye to an old friend who is heading off to a new life in New Zealand, say hello to an old friend who is visiting for a few days from New Zealand, eat plenty of Mexican food with friends and stay up all night long giggling with my hugely talented friend Alys

Last night I had my first ever slumber party/pyjama party and spent it with a group of lovely ladies, some John Waters films and too many bottles of wine. Growing up is great.

wikipedia entry about the coup and the US involvement

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