Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mythical Beasts ready to sell you stuff

The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe opened it's doors last weekend during the Angels Gate Arts Center open studios. I'm happy to say that Edith has decided that during the month of May the shoppe will be open every Friday. We have some plans to make a 'virtual' Sweet Shoppe in the future, but for the time being you can buy our goodies via Edith's Website.

The Shoppe details and opening times:
Fridays throughout May
11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and by appointment
3601 S. Gaffey,
San Pedro, CA 90731

Building F-10

here's what it sells:

All items available for sale. Prices in USD. Buyer pays actual shipping charges.
Free delivery in Los Angeles for orders over $25.

Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe Price List


Greeting Cards by Merry-Beth Noble (2.00)
Greeting Cards (Original Print) by Merry-Beth Noble (5.00)
I am a Unicorn T-shirt by Camilla Stacey (20.00)
I am a Unicorn Totebag by Camilla Stacey (15.00)
I Love My Unicorn Zine (7.50)
Marigold Pillows by Edith Abeyta (20.00)
Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe Flag (8.00)
Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe Badge (.50)
Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe T-shirt (10.00)
Pink Felt Unicorn Bag by Edith Abeyta (10.00)
Postcards by Merry-Beth Noble (.50)
Spoons by Edith Abeyta (15.00)
Striped Cup by Edith Abeyta (15.00)
Striped Plate by Edith Abeyta (15.00)
Sublime Stitching Unicorn Believer Kit (22.50)
Sublime Stitching Unicorn Believer Pattern (3.50)
Sumo by Edith Abeyta (10.00)
Temporary Tattoos by Camilla Stacey (2.00)
Unicorn Badge (.50)
Unicorn Ornaments by Kissing Candy (10.00)
Unicorn People by Camilla Stacey (40.00 – 80.00)
Unicorn Print by Matty M. Cipov (12.00)
Unicorn Wrapping Paper by Camilla Stacey (2.00)


BB Bats (.25)
Black Taffy (.05)
Boston Baked Beans (.25)
Bubble Gum Cigars (.50)
Candy Cigarettes (.50)
Candy Necklace (.50)
Cherryheads (.25)
Chocolate Zodiac Coins (.25)
Choward’s Scented Gum (1.000
Corn Jelly (.05)
Crispy Rice Cake (.50)
Fruity Flavor Pudding (.25)
Grapeheads (.25)
Haw Flakes (.10)
Jawbreakers (.25)
Lemonheads (.25)
Long Boys (.25)
Marshmallow Cones (1.00)
Nik-L-Nips (1.00)
Roasted Chicken Cracker (.25)
Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks (1.00)
Satellite Wafers (.25 for 2)
Stick Candy (.25)
Teaberry Gum (.50)
Unicorn Lollipops (.50)
White Rabbit (.05)

Did you notice the part where it says FREE DELIVERY within LA for any order over $25- you now have no excuse not to go shopping and stock up on candy and art at the same time.

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