Friday, July 27, 2007

Consumerism, sometimes you can't help but love it

I visited a huge new Oriental supermarket last week and have just got round to uploading my photos from it. I managed to only spend 84p, but the friends I went with parted with a whole lot more than that. I really liked how these photos came out- the store is so new that everything is still squeeky clean and organised, it was also almost completely empty so we had the whole place to ourselves.

I just started writing the latest update for my ABC of art (L is for...) and got frustrated by the fact one of the artists I wanted to feature had no images online I could use- it's funny how quickly the internet has become such a huge part of the art world, it seems that fewer and fewer people are turning to good old fashioned print media when they want to do some research and instead are just googling for it. Perhaps I should take a look at some of the books and magazines I have at home for the next few entries instead of relying on links on people's websites and blogs.

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littlemithi said...

Wow! You have to tell me where this is!!!!

Erm, Hello - I came to find your blog whilst looking up the people who run Here Gallery - I'm about to move to Bristol in a month to start studying Illustration at UWE, and was looking around the web to see what might be of interest in Bristol. My partner's sister also recommended you - I think you sell her cards at Here (Lucy Jane Batchelor). ANYWAYS, coming from southeast asia, I've been fretting that I won't know where to get my usual cooking supplies from in Bristol (and have to trek back to London Chinatown periodically!) - but it looks like I'm in for some luck on the oriental shopping front - where IS this place???!!!

BTW, you haven't any spare part-time jobs going at HERE do you? ;)