Sunday, March 04, 2012

Tofino Eagle Necklace by Sarah Hyams available at Two Red Trees

Hand and Stone pendant by Sarah Hyams available at Two Red Trees
I'm starting a 4 week course with Sarah Hyams in making silver charms in a few days time. It's just 4 mornings and then it will all be over, but i've never tried to make jewellery before (perhaps because I don't often wear it). Since i've started working full time I find that I have more energy and inclination to do something creative with my time outside of work, i've also recently made some new friends who are talented artists and makers, and that's got my creative bones itching again. I deliberately took the year off from making when I went to do my MA, but now i'm back in the world of work I think I need to factor some creativity into my routine.

 At the moment one of my pieces of work is on exhibition in America. The ever wonderful Susan Schwake included a piece I did several years ago in her new book 'Art Lab for Kids' for which I am very grateful.

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Wow love the sarah Hyams jewellery