Friday, February 11, 2011

A very exciting development in my life

After years and years of blogging (well if you count the Diaryland account I had way back when) i've finally been sent something free to try out and review! It's not the reason I blog (if it was the reason i'd have given up by now) but I have always wondered how other people seem to end up getting so much free stuff sent to them. Perhaps it's because other people post more than once a month and have thousands of followers. This does not seem to have bothered the people who sent me a freebie, and the fact that I already love the product I got sent will in NO WAY influence the totally un-biased review I will give of it. I bet you're wondering just what it could possibly be that has made me so excited?

A giant cardboard box arrived on the doorstep

Inside the box was a basket full of treats

A whole family of Vimto products for my delectation!

My standby pop of choice ever since I moved to Cornwall

Look at the riches that have befallen me!

All tucked up again in their lovely basket.

Now so far out of this bounty I have drunk one of the cartons of still Vimto- which was yummy, even if the straw had got smashed up in transit, and i'm half way through a bottle of fizzy Vimto. I normally drink fizzy Vimto out a can so this actually has been a new and exciting experience for me...Sadly there is some Cherry Vimto included in the package and as the world knows I am fussy and do not like Cherry flavoured things, I like cherries, just not the flavouring, so i'm going to donate those two bottles to our grand fundraising tombola at the WI hall soon...

I shall continue to document my love affair with Vimto over on twitter where you are free to join me.


Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...


Peskimo said...

have you tried vimto bonbons?!!!! YUMMY!!

Cally said...

Wish we leved near each other, I love fake Cherry flavour.

Hope Spring is treating well my dear. I'm being jollied by the opening of my Cherry Blossom, hey, more Cherryness.