Sunday, November 28, 2010

Did I ever tell you about?

There are so many things I think I should tell you about, but somehow (understandable really) my life has become taken up with my MA and living here in Falmouth. I'll share a few of those things with you here now:

Biddy and my new blanket
My cat Biddy on my new blanket- it's absolutely HUGE- covers my double bed with room to spare. The photo was taken at night so you can't really see the lovely colours. I found this in one of Falmouth's many junk/antique shops- I paid more for it than I might've done in a charity shop, but a LOT less than I could've done in one of the shabby chic/ Cath Kidston type shops. It's already more than paid for itself with the cold weather lately.

Folksy in the library
I've been out and about delivering the Folksy Festive Sampler around Falmouth and Penryn, at the moment there are still copies in the library at the Woodlane campus, and I think there's some at Number 20 in Penryn. I'm going to be dropping more off soon at Two Little Birds.

The tree outside my window was full of a swarm of starlings, this video doesn't really do justice to the number of birds that have been in the garden over the last week or so. There's not been any starlings around today so i'm wondering if maybe they've flown off somewhere a bit warmer.


One of the great lampshades at The Melting Pot Cafe at Krowji in Redruth.
And another one- I liked this one the best as it's made up of needles and thread. Sorry my photos are so terrible- not sure what's going on with them lately- need to get to grips with my new camera I think. Or maybe just take photos in daylight!


barbarabeesblog said...

Hello Camilla, I like the idea of blogdust, as well as your plan to create a blogging map. That's a littlebit like a family tree "bloggers tree"? After a while it will get so complicated I guess, that it will perfectly approve the chaos theory (which I personally like a lot - because its like life or murphys law). And it would be implausible interesting who is related to whom and all the circles around. Sorry for my lack of english can't really describe what I mean. After the Hadron-post I'm sure you get what I'm sutter about.

AND Biddy proofs that not only lynx could be fluffy, cosy and absolutely cute!
These lamps are the hit, take them both.
Wish you a nice, cosy and warm evening. Barbara

Anonymous said...

Has Biddy lost weight? Or had a haircut? She looks like a younger model.