Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another blog?


Well i've been trying to decide how I should create my log for the MA i'm doing and i've decided that, despite evidence to the contrary here, blogging is the way to go. I know i've been slack at updating this blog over the last 6 months or more, but in my defence I did have a LOT going on- seems the times when life is full of interesting blog worthy things are also the times you are too busy to sit down and write about them. Anyway, I intend to continue with my sporadic updating here in Made by Milla land- i'll be writing about my day to day adventures, Cornwall, my cats, art, mental health, and all the normal stuff; in addition to that I shall be writing over at my Curatorial Practice Log blog as I develop ideas for my MA project and the other assignments i'm faced with over the next year. I'm not sure how interesting it's going to be over there to anyone but me (hey! i'm not sure how interesting THIS blog is to anyone but me) but you are very welcome to join me, and i'd welcome your comments on any of the ideas and dilemmas I come up with.

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