Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lots of people are busy at the moment, with end of degree shows, exhibitions and having babies and so forth, it seems lots of them are able to continue to blog throughout all of the upheaval whereas I just manage to check my email, facebook and twitter in a never ending circle and don't have the time or brain power to put together a coherent post on my blo.

There's been lots going on and i'm afraid it's going to have to just be picture updates for the while, no time to talk very much.

Sophie Jones' beautiful plaster work was on show at the Bath Spa gallery for nearly a month, alongside her paintings.
Then there was the day when I had perhaps the best 99 ever:
 And now in the gallery there is work by Edith Abeyta:
 It was fun installing this let me tell you!
Edith's show runs until May 28th and more details can be found on Facebook

There was My Two Toms playing at Checkout and Bjorn Rune Lie pulling stupid faces
There have been piles of broken pianos:
And death defying experiments with the sea, pianola rolls and video camera's:

 Still to come is an exhibition as part of Fringe Arts Bath festival, a day residency in Somerset, a trip down to Falmouth and back to look at flats, another Checkout and the small matter of finishing my course- all within the next couple of weeks. So forgive me if i'm absent, I shouldn't be online at all really, but I just can't stay away.


Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Wow, you are mega-busy. Couldn't get to the last Checkout. Hope it went well. Good luck with all your projects. Hope to see you soon.

claire platt said...

you sound busy!
everyone is busy in fact.. perhaps its the time of year!
Edits work looks awesome (and also painful to have installed!)

marie-louise said...

Edith's show looks good!