Friday, April 16, 2010

A Day to Draw

I'm going to be back at Central-Reservation tomorrow- this time to take part in A Day of Drawing, organised by Bristol Drawing Club. There's a varied selection of workshops running during the day  and there's also going to be people drawing on the windows, doing group drawings and various local artists doing drawing demos. I'm hoping that i'll get enough courage to bring along the video camera and film the durational/performance drawing piece I want to do. Not sure if i'll be able to bring myself to draw with people around, but it seems like a really good chance to make the film i've been wanting to do for ages...which reminds me, must check batteries etc!

Today I went and helped Sophie Jones install her show at the Uni gallery, and then afterward we both headed into town where I stocked up on some supplies in the art shop, and some scones in the bakers. I now have a tummy full of scones and plans for graphite powder and chinagraph pencils, if only I can bring myself to act on them.

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