Saturday, March 13, 2010


My very lovely friends Jodie and David (aka Peskimo) are soon to have an exhibition in a new space called Start that's opening up in Bristol,  above Start The Bus. They've been kind enough to share some sneaky peeks with me, so here's a few images you can expect to see in the show. This one above is a collaboration between Peskimo and Chris Dickason (who's the other half of the show)
These two little monsters are by Jodie and David- i'm very partial to the NICE biscuit one (I wonder if any of these biscuit eating monsters will end up in the Calm Air All Ice show, you can read Peskimo's interview with us here)

and here's one of Chris' images- that's some crazy tea party going on there!

Here's a bit more info about the thinking behind the show and the all important details:

Peskimo’s world is teeming with monsters and bunnies, pattern and texture, fun and frolics, combining quirky details and streamlined design with a generous pinch of nostalgia to create art that has won admirers far and wide.  The art of Peskimo is complimented by Chris Dickason’s charming and much loved visually striking design. Chris’ illustrations are populated with rambunctious and irreverent characters, the design of which is a cleverly crafted mix of an uncomplicated drawing style and conspicuous colour choices.

The Tease Made exhibition will celebrate the social rituals, history, iconography and biscuit dunking goodness of enjoying a cup of tea. Expect prints, paintings and doodles as well as the occasional three-dimensional surprise. The artwork will draw influence from the mid century aesthetic and vintage graphic design, cartoons and comics and the oddities and absurdities of everyday life.

March 19th - April 9th 2010
Opening Night Extravaganza Friday 19th March 2010 6pm-9pm!
1st floor 7-9 Baldwin Street, Bristol


Space Cadet said...

Yes that's all very well but now I've read your blog I want a biscuit!

Colouring Outside The Lines said...

My god, Bristol's where it's at right now, huh!! I feel so very out of the action.