Sunday, November 22, 2009

More blogs

Here's another blog that I always read. Marci and Deth is the joint blog of Deth P Sun and Marci Washington, although it's pretty much always Deth that posts on it. It's another blog that I always like reading but somehow never really get round to leaving comments on it. I've got about a million saved posts that I want to comment on, but somehow it seems weird now so many of them were made so long ago. Deth and Marci both stayed at my house when they came over to show work at the here gallery, back when it very first opened, so i'll always have a soft spot for them and it helps that I really like their art too.

I have pieces by both Deth and Marci on the walls of my house and i'm looking forward to a time when we can all hang out together again.


Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Thanks for your comment on mine. I got all those comments because I put a link on here -
Lots of giveaways there. Do you think people just seek out giveaways?
I've been enjoying your blog recommendations. You know so many cool artists!

Amelia said...

Glad I found this blog, lots of interesting things to persue and discover . . . . . . thanks for sharing. Will be back.