Sunday, October 11, 2009

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lifeboat returning

Our last day and the weather decided to be specially gloomy for us. Not only was the weather sad we were shutting up shoppe, but the lifeboat was out- we watched it come back to the island in pretty horrible rain and wind.

stormy weather at the shoppe

As you may remember I stood on my camera the other day, which means I can't actually see anything until I get home and plug it in to the computer- hence some slightly strangely framed photos.

poor rain sodden arrow

A poor rained on, twisted arrow that once pointed the way to the Shoppe

this Gorgon is sad because the shoppe is shutting

Even the Gorgon's were sad today

packing up the shoppe

All empty- this is Becky helping to pack away the last few things from the Shoppe.

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