Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Catherine Knight

Elsa by Catherine Knight

Interlaken jung frau by Catherine Knight

I first saw Catherine Knight's work at her MA show last year. When it came to picking the first artist to show in the gallery space at the University Campus I picked her, partly because of her links to Bath Spa Uni, and also because I love the way she works from old photos, which is something I do a lot of in my work. So almost entirely selfish in choice, but I think it's going to turn out to be a good one as when I met with Catherine the other week she was full of enthusiasm for engaging with the students and using the gallery space in new ways.

There's just a few more days left for the shows at Frou Frou, and The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe, and then i'm on to opening a new exhibition that Claire and I are joining forces on again- this time we're a few doors down the road from where Calm Air All Ice version 1 took place, and we'll be filling the windows at 204 with planes, pom poms and pegboard.

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