Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh dear, it seems that it's been a while since I last posted something here. And now it's late and I have to get up bright and early for another day of Shoppe keeping at The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe tomorrow. It feels like my life revolves around a series of points in the week at the moment- Wed/Thurs in school, Sat/Sun in the Shoppe, Mondays are teaching and that leaves Tuesdays and Fridays which always seem to get filled up with one thing or another- today I had a forum meeting to chair, which seemed to take over my entire day whilst only being a couple of hours long!
It's pretty where I live (sometimes)

The weather looks set to be lovely again tomorrow- just what we need at the moment as the Shoppe can only open if The Friends of the Old Pier open up their shop, and they only open up if the weather is good and they have enough people volunteering- just keeping my fingers crossed that this good weather lasts until the end of the arts festival.


I've had some lovely visitors over the last few weekends, and some people who are promising to visit before the Shoppe shuts up it's doors. These two are David and Jodie, also known as Peskimo, and they came to visit last Sunday. We went and ate ice cream after the shoppe shut, took a walk around the marine lake and then back to my house for a jam jar pick up.

My new cup from Jodie and David

They gave me this lovely little cup for a birthday present!

I've also had visits from Bo, Karen, Bonny, Becky, Lucy and numerous other friends who called in to buy sweets. It's been hectic at times and i've wanted to stop and just sit down and drink a cup of tea and chat with everyone, but selling sweets is almost as much fun.

The online shoppe is selling well- you've got 24 hours to order things this weekend if you want them shipped to you on Monday, otherwise you'll be in for a week long wait- just listed some of Simon's lovely postcards.

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