Monday, August 03, 2009

A sort of to do list...

Some of the many things I have ticking along at the moment include:

organising a sculpture exhibition in the quarry

artists gather at Uphill quarry

some of the artists that are going to be showing work in the quarry

curating an exhibition of lovely embroidery work at Frou Frou

Frou Frou- an exhibition i'm curating in September

Work from Karen Ruane, Joette Maue, Lou Trigg and Cathy Cullis

rustling up artists for The Mythical Sweet Shoppe UK

Future home of the Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe

Proposed Venue for the Shoppe

and anything else that The Weston-super-Mare Arts Festival chooses to throw my way.

In addition to Arts Festival work I have been invited to be the curator at the Bath Spa University Gallery, at the Weston College Campus, which means i'm going to be doing a lot of emailing and plotting and planning in the hopes that we can get the space off the ground this year.

As well as all that I am still trying to make my own work- I shall be exhibiting as part of the quarry exhibition and as part of the Sweet Shoppe- just when I shall get my work made i'm not so sure!

But...before all that happens I am heading off to this place:

photo by rbanks

I'm going to MOOMINLAND!!!


claire platt said...

your so busy! in a completely awesome way!
Have fun in Finland, I imagine it will be incredible!

Laura said...

what an evocative photo. such space. thanks for sharing.