Saturday, August 22, 2009

Helsinki- Textile Art Now

While in Helsinki I was really excited to see that the Design Museum was hosting Textile Art Now! an exhibtion of contemporary textile art from Finland. You weren't able to take photos in the show, so I ended up buying the catalog (it has an English translation in too). Here's some of my favourites:

Textile Art Now!

Maiju Ahlgren

Maiju Ahlgren (site is in Finnish, but can be translated pretty well)

Touko Ussakainen

Nina Nilsonen

Maria Nuutinen

I think Maria Nuutinen's was my favourite- perhaps because i've been working with old photos, printing and hankies recently too. But there were very few pieces in the show that didn't excite me in some way. Once again good timing was on our side (and totally unplanned) as I had no idea this show was on when we set out for Helsinki.

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