Monday, July 20, 2009

Crafty wedding fun!

Mithi and Drew peg people

The lovely Mithi got married on Saturday and was kind enough to invite me along

table settings

Table settings featured tweeters and flags and lovely flowers

hanging pompom flowers

hanging paper pom pom flowers

lovely table setting

yummy milk bottle table markers

wedding sweeties

a jar of wedding sweets

treats for the wedding

my tray of cakes and doughnuts- hard work to sit next to this on the train and not eat anything

beautiful gardens to wander around before the ceremony

beautiful gardens to wander through before and after the ceremony

rose petals to throw at the bride and groom

dried rose petals- perfect for throwing at the bride and groom

I had such a lovely time- thankyou Mithi and Drew for inviting me, and thanks to Jodie and David for giving me a lift to the venue. (Mithi's blog has lots of posts about the preparations for the wedding, including the story of how her and Drew made each other's wedding rings)


littlemithi said...

Yay! What a lovely set of photos ... and thanks for blogging about it :)

Thanks sooooo much too for coming, bringing doughnutmuffins, and for the most lush pressie ;)


Camilla said...

the pleasure was all mine!