Thursday, July 23, 2009

Art in the Quarry

Yesterday I had a lovely day with a visit from Kirsty and a trip to Uphill Quarry where I had arranged to meet with artists who were interested in taking part in an event there that I am organising in September. Weston has two quarries, and the old Town Quarry is the one where pretty much everyone headed to for the meeting, until I pointed out that we were going to the other one. This highlighted the fact to me that when we come to the event we really need to make sure that people know where we are!

We took some time to investigate the space and stake our claims on patches of ground- the event will take place over one day (September 12th) so all things are liable to change, but I wanted to make sure people had visited the space and didn't just turn up on the day with work that wasn't going to fit in. One or two people revised their ideas whilst we were there- the wind and the noise from the boat yard were an ever present element and several of us felt our work would need to encompass.

Whilst we were at the site I started to consider what I would be bringing to the space- up until now it's all been about rounding up other people, but sat in the Quarry I started to visualise myself working there and creating something. At the moment I am buzzing with thoughts of dens made from tableclothes, knitting, sound recordings, and lantern will be interesting to see what of this comes to pass.

I am still looking for participants in the event so if you are interested, or know of anyone that might be, please get in touch.

And I have to share this link I found today after following a trail from the newly revived Sew Green blog: Ghost Town Farm is Novella Carpenter's blog all about her back yard farm. If anyone could get me to start eating meat again it's this girl- I love the fact she is growing her own veg and animals in her back yard, all in Oakland, a place I have a strange fondness for.


Solorn said...

Would you like a hand with anything Milla? I'm not confident enough to show my own creations but I'm good at lugging stuff around and generally being useful:) Drop me a line and let me know.

Camilla said...

That would be great! I'll keep you posted on what help we need, but I imagine just having an extra body will be very useful.

Anonymous said...

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