Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's my four year Etsy-versary!

It's been four years since I signed up to Etsy, in that time i've made a grand total of 126 sales, which works out at just over two and a half sales every month...clearly it's not keeping me in fizzy pop, but then i've never been very good at promoting myself, or updating my shop, or taking good photos...the list is endless really. Anyway i've was asked to write a bit about me and Etsy for the Storque (the bit of Etsy that's sort of a blog) which you can find here. Thanks for having me Etsy- sorry i've been a bit of a delinquent child recently.

By way of celebration i'm going to offer 20% off everything in my shop for the week starting the 20th June. I'll also be listing some of the work from my recent 'Calm Air All Ice' exhibition, as well as digging out some things I should've put in the shop months ago. Hop over to Made by Milla and snap up a bargain.

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