Friday, May 29, 2009

Karen Logan

Karen Logan- Untitled

Karen Logan- scalpel cut wallpaper

Karen Logan- Untitled

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take a train trip to Chichester with my good friend Heather. We visited art galleries, cook shops and cafes. I'm going to post some of the photos I took at the first gallery- The Otter Gallery is housed in the same building as Chichester University library- it's a small gallery but it's hosting a show that's well worth checking out. "Cut it Out' features work from a selection of contemporary paper cut artists and runs until 19th July.

there wasn't much info about the artists at the show, but i've just noticed that Karen Logan has also created a series of hankies with embroidered text on them:

I wish my embroidery was that good- she has recreated the handwriting from original letters and used backstitch to stitch the messages onto hankies.

ps- it's just dawned on me that the reason i've not been blogging much (apart from the exhibition and Uni deadlines) is because my mouse is pretty much broken- it means that everything takes so much more effort and I get frustrated if I spend too long using the computer. I know the solution would be to buy a new one, but in the mean time i've stuck it together with gaffer tape and keep my fingers crossed it holds out.