Friday, May 15, 2009

In a break from my normal programming...

I thought some of you might be interested in hearing about an upcoming information session about how to join the London Rollergirls. If I lived nearer London i'd be at every bout cheering them on (especially Grrim Rita), but as it is I try and get to as many bouts as I can. I don't think i'd ever be able to make it as a Rollergirl, but maybe YOU could?

We will be holding an information session for anyone interested in joining the London Rollergirls as a new skater. It will be held at 4:30pm on Saturday, 23rd May, at Duke of Edinburgh pub in Brixton. After the info session, you are invited to stay and watch our practice at Brixton Leisure Centre, which will start at 6:00pm.

Topics to be covered will include the following:
- Intro to the London Rollergirls
- Structure of new skater training
- LRG membership/policies
- What skates/kit to get and where to get it
- Answers to your questions!

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to

so that we can get an idea of how many people to expect. If you can't attend this info session but still want to come to our new skater intake/training, send an e-mail letting us know.

Our new skater training will start on Sunday, 14 June, but you will get all the details of that at the info session!

Venue details:
Duke of Edinburgh
204 Ferndale Rd
Brixton, London

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