Monday, April 13, 2009

The more you do the less you write it all down afterwards

Simon playing hacked Super Mario game

Way, way back at the end of January I took a train ride to Southampton with Jason and Simon to view the Paper Rad and Beige exhibition at the Millais Gallery

I am a tetris master!

Whilst there we all indulged in our 'vintage' console game of choice- with me recapturing a mis-spent youth in the arcades playing Tetris. (I think in actuality I only ever went and played Tetris in the arcade once, and I was probably about 19 at the time)

Jonny Hannah

Our visit coincided with an exhibition at the Bargate featuring one of my favourite print makers- Jonny Hannah amongst others.

southampton owl

I did my first degree in Southampton, back in the mid- 90s and this was only the second time i'd been back since I graduated. It was nice to re-visit some of the old haunts, and re-acquaint myself with this little owl on the wall of the police station.

As you might've noticed i've been very bad at updating recently- i've been very busy, which seems to mean I have no time for updates at all. Talking to a friend at the weekend I mentioned how the more exciting and interesting my days are, the less likely I am to get round to blogging about them- hence the 3 month delay in writing up my trip to Southampton! In the last couple of weeks i've been to London, had some visitors and of course been working toward my exhibition- none of which i've blogged about yet, but hopefully it won't be another three months before I catch up with it all.

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Feltbug said...

Better to be living the life :) I love your new header. Keep on having fun - we can wait for your reports - it all sounds great.