Wednesday, January 14, 2009

all the trimmings.

gingham goodness

mmm braid

I'm what you might call a bit 'out of sorts' at the moment, and i've fallen very behind on answering comments or emails and so forth. I wanted to make an appearance here to say sorry for that and I hope to be back to more responsive blogging soon. In the meantime look at these lovely trims I spotted while I was in London...which one would you pick?


ismoyo said...

I love them all! I think i would go for the trimming with the little purple flowers in the second photo. Adorable!

Gillian said...

Yes the purple flowers trim is so lovely ... love the little pink and yellow hearts one too.

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Yes, that whole pile with the purple flower trim definitely has all the best ones! Yummy!

Hope you're feeling a bit brighter soon.

claire-elizabeth said...

mmm the pale pink with gold one in the bottom picture! very nice!
hope you feel better soon!

Anna, Custom Made said...

I would pick the navy (?) one with turq zig zags and red dots (top pic on the right) and make a coat and put it round the hood like when I was a kid!

Anna, Custom Made

Harriet said...

i think this photo might be from a wonderful shop i know too - the cloth house on berwick st?

if it is - isnt it goregeous?! if it isnt - you must go, if you love these you'll love it