Friday, December 19, 2008

Fancy dress called and I answered

Jane's party called for fancy dress...I answered that call

Sorry things have been a little sporadic round here- it's that time of the year I suppose. It's taken me forever to get over the BUST Craftacular, and now i've come down with a sore throat. In between times there was a party, which I managed to attend for a few hours before leaving early. The best bit of the party was the fact my best friend had to ask me who I was, I think she may have been drunk, but a wig, a ton of ill-applied make up and a swanky dress and I managed to slip into another character completely.

1 comment:

Gaina said...

See, I knew there was a glamour-puss inside you SCREAMING to get out. When you come to my house, I'm doing your make-up (not negotiable). You are pretty much the same complexion as me so I think most of the colours in my bag will suite you :)