Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day

xmas da

xmas day

xmas day

xmas day

xmas day

My sister lives on one of the new housing estates that I hate because they are built on all the fields and have made this town grow and grow over the last 10 years or so until there's almost no fields left. Maybe i'm just getting old, but it makes me sad to see buildings where orchards and barns used to be. Anyway, one of the good things about where she lives is the fact that I think there is some rule about making sure every new development has some kind of pond/lake in it, because this place is just out the back of her house and it's where we went for a walk on Christmas day while her boyfriend finished cooking the meal.

You could probably walk the whole way round the pond in 5 minutes, but that's if you don't stop to feed the swans, or look out for tiny fish, or learn all about the mysterious 'parachute seagulls' that my nephew taught me about. There's often a few people fishing and there's a few mallards that live on the pond and some fat wood pigeons in the trees, we saw a rat once but the less said about that the better.

Later on Christmas day after we had eaten I got to unwrap the most amazing thing- something I have been waiting my entire life to get

i've wanted one of these all my life...well almost all my life


www.karenart.co.uk said...

I'm wiht you on the houses thing. My husband grew up on a farm on moor lane in the middle of nowhere..... the land is now covered in houses, and has the main road out of weston running through it.

And its called progress....

Gaina said...

You better bring that art set to school next week! Haha

The estate where your sister lives sounds like it's been built by one of the companies that signed up to a pact to offset the negative effects of their building by 'putting back' in the form of ponds etc. These sites are actually very, very rich in wildlife and often richer than the 'wild' areas near by! One of those wonderful ironies.

There's a square of land just outside london where motorways intersect and it actually possesses greater biodiversity than the rain forests!

clunk said...

Congratulations on your new funky Indiana Art Set! Tawit tawoo!
Happy Christmas!

eugene said...

Do you plan on making art themed around archaeologists with it?

karen said...

Indiana art set?? Do you get an hour with the man himself too? Have fun!