Friday, November 14, 2008

It's the season of greed and wanting stuff...

The lovely Hanna has got some wonderful collections of vintage book pages, and collage materials up for sale in her Etsy shop at the moment. Last year I bought some supplies from Hanna and they ended up being incorporated into my giant drawing:

nearly done

Yes somewhere in there are Swedish book pages!

Not only does Hanna make lovely packages of paper for your creative pleasure, she has a book:

you can buy from here. (Oh and she has excellent taste in art, as can be seen by the fact she has one of my drawings on her Etsy wishlist!)


Gaina said...

Have you added more to your painting? It's looking fab ;-).

Johanna said...

I love a) your giant painting and b) the monkey in the first picture.

Marie-Louise said...

so many lovely pictures and cards!