Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cafe Kino Preview Party this Sunday

Cafe Kino art show

I've got three pieces of work in this show, but i'm not the only reason you should come along and join us on Sunday- the lovely Claire Platt will be showing some of her newest embroideries, featuring planes (as seen on her blog) and Mithi Shafiq will have her lovely embroideries inspired by Stitch'n'Bitch on show. There'll also be work by Joe Roberts, who is promising ' it's a monster attacking on the downs.....kind of like cloverfield meets skins......but nothing like that....that would be horrible'. And recent Tiny Showcase star Aaron Sewards will have work for sale too.

A percentage of money from work sold goes towards Cafe Kino, a not for profit vegan and vegetarian cafe (and the rest goes towards some very deserving young artists (ok not so young in my case!) .


karen said...

Hi Camilla. Mithi's embroidery is absolutely amazing, did she get a good mark??

Camilla said...

HI Karen- I think she said that she got her lowest mark for them! But I think that was still pretty high. I'll ask her on Sunday and see what she says.