Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Ware from Diana Fayt

Diana Fayt is one of my favourite ceramicists around and I was delighted to see her latest blog post today and discover a project that really excites me. Obamaware brings together 27 contemporary ceramicists who have created special pieces of work that will be auctioned off on October 20th, with proceeds going to the Obama campaign.

I've not mentioned much about politics on this blog, because I sometimes feel that the US elections aren't something that i'm qualified to talk about, but the fact is the results of the election will have a direct impact on us here in the UK, and around the rest of the world too. That's why i'm keeping my fingers crossed for Obama (and besides I had a dream with him in and he was ever so nice).

Take a look at the work over at Obamaware, and even if you don't agree with the politics i'm sure you will find something new to inspire you- I know i've just discovered a whole bunch of new artists to check out.


Moiface said...

So cool!! Love it!

Laura B said...

I love this this Obamaware! and just as I am reading your post my bo is telling me about election polls on msm showing obana's lead!!