Monday, October 13, 2008

It's like waiting for a bus...

My friend Tish told me the other day that my blog is like waiting for a bus- you wait ages for a post and then three turn up all at the same time. Well here's another bus, especially for you Tish!

I've been reading lots of blogs via my bloglines and keep bookmarking posts to read later, or refer back to, or direct you lot to, and it doesn't seem to have happened. So instead of the incredibly well crafted series of posts about other blogs that I might have made, here's a list of some of those things that have been distracting me lately:

Originally uploaded by primrose design

Janet has been inspiring me with her tales of wood-chopping and these cute animal embroideries

Lisa has been making me think about Grandmas and how important they are

Jeannette has been reminding me of the birthday calendar i'm sure we used to have when I was little (am I wrong Mum?)

Karen has been lecturing on swaddling and working with paper

And Ismoyo has been trying to find the balance between business and crafts

Well that's just one small section of the blogs I have book marked- maybe i'll share some more with you tomorrow?


karen said...

Hi Camilla! So glad you are still reading and thanks for the mention!

janet said...

Ha, that picture reminds me that I need to write a post about the real bear that visited early this morning (2 am!). They're fattening themselves up for winter now and my bird feeders were too tempting. He was a lot bigger and less cute than that embroidery!