Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bitch needs art and stuff

To my American (and maybe Canadian friends, heck anyone who thinks they can get art to Portland quickly enough) here's something I pulled from the Bitch magazine blog today:

sm{art} needs art!

In just 25 18 days, B-Word is not only bringing Judy Chicago out to Portland for our art auction - we are also planning a pretty kick-ass event that isn't your typical auction. We can have all the fantastic entertainment, stellar goodie bags, great local beer and food, and the best host{ess} around, but in order to raise the dollars we need to support Bitch, we need ART!!!

We currently have around 45 pieces, but we need at least 25 more to get us to our goal of 70 pieces of art to auction off to support Bitch!

We are asking for your help - either yourself or your friends to support Bitch by mailing your donated art piece to:


attn: sm{art}

4930 NE 29th Ave

Portland, OR 97211

Questions? Please write amy@b-word.org. Thanks!

here's the original call for art:

We're looking for:

• paintings• illustrations• prints• jewelry• clothing (preferably stuff that doesn't have sizes like scarves)• furniture• sculpture• stationery sets• photography• any other thing you can dream up, make and that you think people would like to bid on!

A few notes:

1. Donations are tax deductible!
2. The content, media and style are all up to you, be it: painting, screen/litho print, book, knitted item, cross stitch, sculpture, photo print,bags/purses/wallets, t-shirts etc.
3. If your piece is on paper, it would be ideal if it was framed--though please, please don't let that stop you from donating something that's not yet framed.
4. If it's clothing that you make, it would be best to get something that can fit a variety of sizes like a t-shirt or accessory.
5. I can PICK UP your piece if you live/work in the Portland area or you can MAIL it.

If you're interested, please download this simple form to send along with your piece. If you have any questions, please contact me: briar@b-word.org

If i'd seen this sooner, or lived nearer I would definitely be donating something to the fundraiser. I've been reading Bitch magazine for at least the last 5 years as an accompaniment to all my art and craft (and glossy interiors) magazines.

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