Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mikes International Walking Team

I've joined a walking group, the only problem is it's based in Australia! Luckily that's not really going to be much of a problem as Pip from Meet me at Mikes, who started the club, is using the wonders of the internet to get us up off our bums and out walking each day for 21 days, in the hopes that we form a walking habit. My first walk yesterday took me into town to the library to return some books (oh ok to return a DVD and some comics) and today's walk took me to the park with my Dad (where we ate lunch).

Pip is setting little challenges for us to follow if we wish:

Sweet peas from the allotment

on the next walk - pick a few flowers and pretty stems - the kind that hang through fences and grow lonely by the side of the road. the kind no one minds you picking. take them home and photograph them. then let us see them! and don't forget they should grace your desk to remind you of HOW GOOD YOU ARE!

We are also encouraged to come up with a play list for our MP3 players to listen to while we walk. I discovered that listening to Make Up whilst walking means you walk really fast, want to sing along and can't help smiling. Listening to Johnny Cash means you slow down and whilst still wanting to sing along you feel a bit sillier doing it. I recently re-discovered my MP3 player, having been convinced it had been stolen I found it hanging up under my coat.

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