Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mikes International Walking Team Day 3

tree fungus waiting to be identified fungus and moss and camera shake

Weston woods

Today I managed to drag my friend Lucy out on my walk- well actually she drove me to the woods and we walked around talking about ninja's, axe murderers and wolves. We have vivid imaginations, us 'creative types' often do. A mere 18 days to go and I will have formed a new habit. I'm thinking of maybe trying to come off diet coke in the same way- what do you think?


design for mankind. said...

Yes! You should. Diet Coke is a horrid addiction!

Not that I have room to talk, b/c I'm sure my brownie batter habit is ten times worse... ;)

Good for you for taking a walk today! Your photos are beautiful! :)

Kirsty said...

Yay for walks. And yes, I agree that coming of diet coke would be awesome.

Solorn said...

Did you know that on a Wednesday you can do voluntary work in the woods? I found out the other day and will be giving it a go once the kids are all back at school. If you ever fancy giving it a go aswell I can direct you to the details:) And diet coke..very addictive..Coke Zero is just as bad.

Gaina said...

Oh yes, walking is far better for you that diet coke.

I have found a website that gives details of local walks that are suitable for wheelchairs so they would probably be best for you too, as you need to start gently.