Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is...what makes me happy

Thanks to One Little Acorn for this weeks This is... topic, perfectly timed as i've been thinking about things that make me happy a lot this week. Here's a few from my list:

biddy biddy biddy biddy

* sleeping all day
*fluffy cats

new books

* books books books

Last of the polaroid film

* polaroid photos


* swimming in the sea
* nephews

* re-discovering hidden gems of friends
* the humbling and heartwarming experience of reading all 240 blogs on my bloglines and not a single one of them having anything to say about Banksy
* the continuing success of Miss Stacey's Summer School

Don't forget to head over to Angela's blog and see what makes other people happy


Miss Frugality said...

Are fluffy cats big fans of My Bloody Valentine too?

Moiface said...

Fantastic list! I love the cat images!

Laura B said...

Wonderful list! Its always best to keep the good stuff in the front of your mind :)

Sharon said...

Great happy list! I hadn't realised you are from Somerset, so am I! It's a small world!